Molecular Formula : NaH
Molecular Wt : 24.0 gm/mol
Description Light gray to gray colour powder with mineral oil
Solubility Soluble in methanol
Assay % w/w (Total alkalinity as SH) 65% +/- 3% w/w
5 kgs of net material packed in double lined polythene bags under nitrogen atmosphere. 25 nos of such packets are packed under nitrogen blanket into a 200 Ltrs capacity ring lock steel container. The material can be supplied in Toluene soluble bags on specific request
  1. Sodium hydride is a strong base and mostly used in Alkylation and Condensation reactions.
  2. The industrial applications of Sodium Hydride are in Pharmaceuticals, Flavor and fragrance, Agricultural Chemicals and polymerization Catalysts.

* Highly corrosive, pyrophoric in air

We at Mahidhara Chemicals Private Limited are one of the largest Sodium hydride manufacturer in India with over 20 years of experience in manufacturing. Sodium hydride is available in light gray to gray colour powder. The company introduced the product back in 1997 and consistently meeting the clients requirements. Sodium hydride is a inorganic compound, a alkali metal hydride used as a strong base. It is widely used in pharmaceutical, agricultural chemicals. It is available in a packaging of 5 kgs. Our team is well equipped to handle the manufacturing and packaging of Sodium Hydride as per the requirement.