Molecular Formula : C4H9Li
Molecular Wt : 64.06 gm/mol
Description colorless to yellow color solution
Miscibility Miscible with toluene & hexane
Density @RT 0.680 +/- 0.005 gm/ml (For 15% solution) 0.687 +/- 0.005 gm/ml (For 23% solution)
Assay % w/w (NBL Content as active base) 15.0% w/w +/- 0.05% w/w (For 15% solution) 23.0% w/w +/- 0.05% w/w (For 23% solution)
274 kgs of net material (as 15%) / 270 kgs of net material (as 23%) packed in 450 Ltrs capacity steel containers under nitrogen/argon atmosphere.
  1. n-Butyl Lithium is a highly versatile reagent in organic synthesis, especially in the synthesis of pharmaceutical intermediates
  2. It is used as an initiator in the anionic polymerization of conjugated dienes like butadiene, isoprene and vinyl aromatic compounds like styrene to produce wide variety of useful rubber and plastic goods.
  3. n-Butyl Lithium is used in organic synthesis as a butylating agent (addition and in halogen-metal and hydrogen-metal exchange reactions (Metalations or Lithiations)

* Alkyl-lithium compounds are stored under inert gas for safety reasons and alsoto prevent loss of activity

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