Molecular Formula : [(CH3)2CH]2N-Li
Molecular Wt : 107.12 gm/mol
Description light amber to amber red color solution
Assay % w/w (LDA as active base) 25.0% +/- 2.0 w/w in THF & Ethyl Benzene
Packed in 1000ml Glass / 450 Ltrs capacity steel containers / 200 Ltrs capacity drums under nitrogen atmosphere.
  1. Lithium Di-Isopropyl Amide (LDA) is a non-pyrophoric strong base primarily used in organic Synthesis
  2. It is also used for Enolisations

* THF % = 25 +/- 5 %; Ethyl Benzene % = 45% +/- 5%

Mahidhara chemicals private limited is the leading manufacturer for Lithium Di-Isopropyl Amide (LDA) in India. Lithium Di-Isopropyl Amide (LDA) is used as a strong base and is widely used in pharmaceutical industry due to its good solubility in non-polar organic solvents. Our team is well equipped to handle the manufacturing and packaging of Lithium Di-Isopropyl Amide as per the requirement. The product is available in various packing options like 1L glass container, 200L or 450L in steel drums.